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Arizona Hunt Unit 20A Map; by ADVENTURE iDIAZ

  • 36" x 31" - Unfolded
  • 4.50" x 10.25" - Folded

Arizona Hunt Unit 20A Map


    • 1:100,000 Scale - Detailed Topographic Map
    • Multi-Sourced Road Names - Adventure Trails, 4 x 4 and Light Duty Roads
    • Water Resistant - Tear Resistant, Durable Polypropylene
    • Exceptional Design - Beautiful, High Quality Color & Detail
    • Compact & Field Ready - Easy To Ready And Follow
    • Extensive Water Source Icons - Clearly Marked Water Tanks & Spring Symbols
    • 36" x 31" - Unfolded / 4.50" x 10.25" - Folded





    Hunt Unit 20A lies in the heart of Arizona’s Bradshaw Mountains. The higher elevations contain White Fir, Aspen, Douglas Fir, Blue Spruce, and Ponderosa Pine Forest which meanders down to the pinyon juniper belt and eventually falling to the desert grasslands. 
    The Bradshaw Mountains are what started the development of Arizona due to gold! The Arizona gold rush began in 1863 and has yielded over 15 million ounces of gold since. Soon after the start of the gold rush, word got out that Arizona was rich with not just gold but silver, copper and other metals and minerals. It was the mining industry that pushed Arizona into its USA Territory status on February 24, 1863 and was eventually admitted to the Union as the state of Arizona on February 14, 1912.

    Hunt Unit 20A lies almost entirely inside the Prescott National Forest with pockets of private and State land offering great hunting opportunities for big game species such as Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Mountain Lion, javelina, and turkey. This unit also provides good opportunities for small game which include: bobcat, coyote, fox, rabbit, squirrel dove, quail and more.

    Unit 20A offers fishing for bass, trout, sunfish and catfish at Lynx Lake and Upper Goldwater Lake and other smaller lakes found throughout this region as well.
    Scenic hiking abounds as this area supplies access to a network of hiking trails.  Big Bug Mesa, Groom Creek, Spruce Mountain, Wolf Creek, Venezia, Yankee Doodle, to name just a few, are trails which offer picturesque views and ideal Arizona exploration.

    Mt Union boasts the highest peak in this hunt unit with an elevation of 7,979 feet and is home to a panoramic lookout tower.  This peak area is a must-see Arizona experience offering vast and sweeping views. Moscow Peak (7,723’), Yankee Doodle Peak (7,057’) and Mt Davis (7,898’) are situated to the north and south of Mt Union and are connected by the Yankee Doodle Trail.  Other notable peaks above the 7,000 foot elevation mark which are accessible via trails include:  Mt Tritle (7,773’) Mt Francis (7,102’), Williams Peak (7,052’), West Spruce Mountain (7,171’), Maverick Mountain (7,448’), Lookout Mountain (7,534’), and Horse Mountain (7,060’).

    Due to primitive roads combined with weather conditions, access demands 4x4 off-road vehicles in order to safely venture throughout the unit.  

    There are numerous reasons why some road restrictions exist within National Forests.  Please be mindful and respect the protection given to the land and resources by these closures and restrictions. Public lands are subject to leasing and other changes.  It is advised to obtain local and forestry information from a Forest Service office or other public land agency. Contact the appropriate land management agency for the most current information.

    The publisher has exerted its best efforts to portray, render and compile current information.  However, due to recent natural and other degradation, closures, or new additions of roads and trails, or land ownership changes, absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed.  The user must supply the experience, common sense, knowledge and physical conditioning necessary for safe outdoor travel.

    This map product is revised on a regular basis, and subject to change.  We welcome your input if you discover conditions different than shown on this map.  Please send us an electronic copy of the area in question with your suggested note to:

    ADVENTURE iDIAZ Hunt Unit Maps are a tool supplement therefore will not be held liable or responsible for any mishaps.

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