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Arizona Hunt Unit 21 Map; by ADVENTURE iDIAZ

  • 36" x 44" - Unfolded
  • 4.50" x 10.25" - Folded

Arizona Hunt Unit 21 Map


    • 1:100,000 Scale - Detailed Topographic Map
    • Multi-Sourced Road Names - Adventure Trails, 4 x 4 and Light Duty Roads
    • Water Resistant - Tear Resistant, Durable Polypropylene
    • Exceptional Design - Beautiful, High Quality Color & Detail
    • Compact & Field Ready - Easy To Ready And Follow
    • Extensive Water Source Icons - Clearly Marked Water Tanks & Spring Symbols
    • 36" x 44" - Unfolded / 4.50" x 10.25" - Folded





    Hunt Unit 21 offers a variety of habitats: from the North, the Verde River basin that gradually climbs to mountainous zones with pinyon juniper belts along with some ponderosas, breaking into rolling hills and high chaparral; to its South and East lies some of Arizona’s best Sonoran Desert habitat that ties along the Verde River system; and its West area harbors deep beautiful canyon lands containing the Agua Fria River.


    This popular unit lies within the Prescott and Tonto National Forests and is home to small pockets of private, BLM, and State lands.  Hunt Unit 21 offers trophy big game hunting for mule deer, whitetail, antelope, mountain lion and javelina. Furthermore, great opportunities for small game such as bobcat, coyote, fox, cottontail rabbit, quail, and more are found within its boundaries.


    Unit 21 contains two important wildlife preserves as well as a National Monument.  The Cedar Bench Wilderness offers elevations starting at 4500 feet and climbing up to 6700 feet with vegetation of chaparral, pinyon and junipers and over 30 miles of scenic hiking trails. The Pine Mountain Wilderness offers elevations over 6700 feet supporting pinyons, junipers and some ponderosas with over 35 miles of spectacular hiking trails.


    Furthermore, the Agua Fria National Monument contains two mesas along with a deep canyon carved by the Agua Fria River covering over 70,000 acres.  The elevations range from 2100 feet to 4600 feet offering a unique diversity of vegetative and wildlife communities.  This monument contains one of the most significant systems of prehistoric sites in the Southwest.


    Hunt Unit 21 contains two major reservoirs, Bartlett and Horseshoe. These lakes offer excellent fishing for largemouth bass, crappie, channel and flathead catfish.  These game fish are also plentiful throughout the entire Verde River.


    Due to the primitive nature of the roads combined with weather conditions, access demands 4x4 off road vehicles in order to safely venture throughout the unit.  Please be mindful that there are numerous reasons why some road restrictions exist within National Forests.  Please be mindful and respect the protection given to the land and resources by these closures and restrictions.


    Public lands are subject to leasing and other changes.  It is advised to obtain local and forestry information from a Forest Service office or other public land agency.  Contact the appropriate land management agency for the most current information.


    The publisher has exerted its best efforts to portray, render and compile current information.  However, due to recent natural and other degradation, closures, or new additions of roads and trails, or land ownership changes, absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed.  The user must supply the experience, common sense, knowledge and physical conditioning necessary for safe outdoor travel.


    This map product is revised on a regular basis, and subject to change.  We welcome your input if you discover conditions different than shown on this map.  Please send us an electronic copy of the area in question with your suggested note to:

    ADVENTURE iDIAZ Hunt Unit Maps are a tool supplement therefore will not be held liable or responsible for any mishaps.

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