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Ferguson's Map of the Square and Stationary Earth; by ADVENTURE iDIAZ

Dimensions:  36" x 45"



Flat Earth Map - Fergusons Map of the Square & Stationary Earth

  •  (MSRP $49.95)

    Orlando Ferguson's Square & Stationary Map (known also as The Map of the Square and Stationary Earth) has the following features:


    • Restored - Ferguson's Square & Stationary Map (1893) has been digitally restored bringing color, detail and accuracy to the forefront.
    • Depictions - image of Orlando Ferguson; angels of the four corners of the earth; flying earth illustration; positioning of the moon, Polaris and the sun; & scripture references  
    • Relief shown by hachures
    • Water & Tear Resistant - durable polypropylene
    • Exceptional Design - beautiful, high resolution & detail
    • This Item Is Shipped Rolled - 36" x 45"



    Ferguson’s Map of the Square and Stationary Earth by ADVENTURE iDIAZ has been entirely remaster and digitally restored.  The known existing copies of the map reveal faded hand painted colors on the map and we have corrected the fading and digitally restored the hand painted beauty and grandeur. 


    This ADVENTURE iDIAZ map measure 36” x 45” and is a “must have” for any Flat Earth enthusiast.


    Professor Orlando Ferguson was born on November 6, 1846 near Du Quoin Illinois and moved to the Dakota Territory in the early 1880s to later settle in hot Springs, South Dakota. 


    He’s most known today for his rendering of a map depicting the earth as being flat. The map was published in 1893, one year after the more famous Alexander Gleason New Standard Map of the World was published (1892). 


    Ferguson’s recent rise in cartographic popularity is credited to the press attention that was received when a copy of his “Map of the Square and Stationary Earth” was accepted by the Library of Congress in 2011.


    The map is based on his Biblical world view and interpretation of the Bible.  The image depicts the four angles guarding the four corners of the earth and places Antarctica as the outer circle/wall holding in the waters of the earth.  Several scriptures have been included on the map with reference to over four hundred passages of Scripture that condemn the flying earth/globe theory.


    The original map measures 22.44” x 32.28” and its relief is shown by hachures.

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