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Middleton’s Pioneer Map of the World (Flat Earth Map); by ADVENTURE iDIAZ

Dimensions:  36" x 36"



Middleton’s Pioneer Map of the World (Flat Earth Map)

  •  (MSRP $39.95)

    Middleton's Pioneer Map of the World (Flat Earth Map); by ADVENTURE iDIAZ has the following features:


    • Restored - Middleton's Pioneer Map of the World (1878) has received a limited digital restoation to accent the original ink detail.
    • Depictions/Notes: planar projection of the earth; countries and continents have been outlined in black; introductory paragraph (partial content); general information about the shape of the earth; and an appeal for Great Britain to declare war on Russia.
    • Original Media: black ink on paper
    • Water & Tear Resistant - durable polypropylene
    • This Item Is Shipped Rolled - 36" x 36"




    Middleton’s Pioneer Map of the World was a groundbreaking illustration that depicts the earth as a plane with “The Region of Impassable Ice” encircling the earth’s oceans. Continents and countries have been outlined and he demonstrates the path of the sun through an ellipsoidal dashed line.


    Additionally, the text includes several notes about the map, an appeal for Great Britain to declare war on Russa, and an entry of a poem written about the infant Popsy Middleton while traveling aboard the vessel, Swift.


    Middleton’s Pioneer Map of the World (1878) preceded Alexander Gleason’s New Standard Map of the World (USA, 1892) and Orlando Ferguson’s Map of the Square and Stationary Earth (USA, 1893).


    Empson Edward Middleton (1838-1916) was an author, Lieutenant in the Royal Army (India), navigator and inventor.  He was born in Jamacia where his father, Boswell Middleton, practiced law as an Advocate General.


    Boswell died of cholera in 1854 and at the age of 16, the young Empson was sent back to England aboard the Albemarle, a Tindal ship. It was during this trip that he began to question the shape of the earth as he knew it.


    In January of 1880, Empson married Emma Adelaide Lavis Walker, and they had nine children:  Irene, Empson, Emota, Edward, Elsie, Frederick, Emily, Cecil and Iris.


    Middleton is most known for being the first soloist to circumnavigate England in his vessel, Kate, which turned out to be a great feat, that at times demanded bouts of vigorous rowing in order to survive.  He later penned his dangerous voyage in the book The Cruise of the Kate, published in April of 1870, which is still in print today.


    On July 7, 1874, Middleton, patented his invention which was title, “Construction of the After-Hull of Yachts” (No. 152,805).  His sister Catherine Middleton was one of the witnesses to the application on April 2, 1874.


    Empson Middleton’s earliest flat earth writings appeared in a 1971 British newspaper through a back-and-forth argument  to “Globe-ite”, an anonymous writer to the editor.  One of Middleton’s counterarguments to “Globe-ite” included a poem which cited the names of well-known flat earther zetetics of the time:


    The earth’s a plane! The earth’s a plane!
    Hurrah for “Parallax” then;
    Hurrah, hurrah! Hurrah, hurrah!
    For Carpenter and Hampden!


    Another cheer for publishers,
    And printers, too, who boldly
    Set forth the truth! Set forth the truth!
    And shun the false and mouldy.


    Middleton later went on to publish several works which addressed military policy, science, physics, and astronomy.  His publications concerning the earth’s shape and even maps are listed here:  Middleton’s New Process of Measuring the Height of the Sun, Middleton’s Map of the World: The Great Puzzle Solved, Middleton’s scientific chart of the world and Oblate Spheroid, The Variation of the Needle, Middleton on Space, Middleton’s Brief for the Prosecution of Modern Astronomy, Middleton’s Map of the World, The True Physics of the Axis of the Earth, On the Eclipse of the Moon for August, and Middleton’s Pioneer Map of the World.


    Middleton boldly argued his positions throughout these controversial publications and was known as a challenger who refuted the beliefs and writings of alleged scientific authorities throughout Great Britain.



    This ADVENTURE iDIAZ map measure 36” x 36” and is a “must have” for any Flat Earth enthusiast.

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