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Buache's Physical Planisphere Map; by ADVENTURE iDIAZ (Flat Earth Map)

Dimensions:  36" x 44"



Physical Planisphere Map (Philippe Buache); Flat Earth Map

  •  (MSRP $49.95)

    Philippe Buache's Physical Planisphere Map of the Earth (Planisphere Physique) has the following features:


    • Restored - Buache's Physical Planisphere Map (1756); has been digitally restored bringing color, detail and accuracy to the forefront.
    • Depictions/Notes: northern polar projection of the earth; sketch of Philippe Buache with short bio; English translation of primary texts; explanation of map colors; the year and routes of several navigators is also shown.
    • Relief shown by hachures
    • Water & Tear Resistant - durable polypropylene
    • This Item Is Shipped Rolled - 36" x 44"




    Buache's captivating Physical Planisphere Map of the Earth, by ADVENTURE iDIAZ, has been entirely remaster and digitally restored.  The known existing copies of the map reveal severe folding marks, missing data and faded hand painted colors on the map. We have corrected the fading and digitally restored the hand painted beauty and grandeur of this unique map.


    Buache created this pioneering map depicting major mountain systems of the continents and how they connect and relate to the submarine mountain ranges. It is the first known map of the ocean floors.


    The original map measures 13.25” x 17.25” and its relief is shown by hachures.


    About the cartographer:  Philippe Buache, (Feb. 7, 1700 — Jan. 27, 1773), was a late 18th century French cartographer and map publisher who was the foremost theoretical geographer of his generation. Buache’s mentor was the proliferant cartographer Guillaume Delisle, who later became his father-in-law. In 1729 Buache became the first royal geographer of King Louis XV and was elected to the Academy of Sciences in 1730.


    This ADVENTURE iDIAZ map measure 36” x 45” and is a “must have” for any Flat Earth enthusiast.

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