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Get Ready for Your Next Hunt with Arizona Hunt Unit Maps; Arizona Hunting Maps

Updated: Jan 22

7 Things You Need to Know about Arizona's Most Unique and Diverse Hunting Unit; AZ Hunt Unit 6A

Arizona Hunt Unit 6A is Arizona’s most unique and versatile game management region offering diverse wildlife varieties and habitats found nowhere else in North America.

Spectacular Arizona Views Near Sedona; Arizona Hunting Maps
Spectacular Arizona Views Near Sedona; Arizona Hunting Maps

#1: Arizona Game Management Units

The Grand Canyon State has been divided into Hunt Units otherwise known as Game Management Units (GMU). Each of these units can contain state, federal, military and private land, and the boundaries serve in assisting the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Arizona Game and Fish Commission in managing wildlife within its boundaries. And although these references seem specific to wildlife and hunting, each unit's boundaries can be helpful to any outdoor enthusiast whether you are hiking, biking, off-roading, boating or camping.

#2: Terrain

Arizona Hunt Unit 6A is administered by the Flagstaff Regional Office of the Arizona Game and Fish Department and almost entirely lies within the Coconino National Forest with small islands of private properties in various sections. The lands of this highly sought after unit journeys up to the high elevations of Arizona’s ponderosa forests, descends to the Pinon-Juniper belts, then to the high chaparral, and down to the river basin touching the fringes of the Sonoran Desert and also contains a variety of riparian zones.

#3: Hunting and Fishing

The region is famed for offering one of the most diverse species of big game, such as trophy elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, rocky mountain bighorn sheep, antelope, mountain lion, black bear, turkey, and javelina. Additionally, excellent hunting can be found for tree squirrel, cottontail rabbit, fox, coyote, bobcat, and more. Because there are vast numbers of lakes, tanks, ponds, rivers and streams, it produces good waterfowl hunting and fishing as well.

The Arizona Hunting Regulations are published regularly by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. These publications will help you identify what and where you want to hunt, what you will need, and how to to go about applying for a hunting license. The Arizona Hunting Regulations has excellent information on draws, outdoor skills, hunter education, big and small game seasons and tips for things you should know before you venture out on your hunting trip.

#4: Hiking Trails

Hiking trails abound throughout this region with many trails located in and around the following wilderness areas: Munds Mountain, Wet Beaver, Clear Creek and Fossil Springs. These scenic trails range in difficulty level from "easy" to "hard" and provide miles and miles of hiking adventures for the entire family.

One of the most notable trails is located in the northeast section of Arizona Hunting Unit 6A: the Arizona National Scenic Trail. This diverse path stretches 800 miles across Arizona from the very north/central portion of the Utah/Arizona boarder down the southeast portion of the Arizona/Mexico boarder.

The Arizona Trail Association is the nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect, maintain, enhance promote and sustain the Arizona Trail as a unique encounter with the land. The Arizona Trail Association website is a valuable resource for those interested in hiking any of the 43 passages along the path or taking on the entire trail.

#5: Camping & Boating

A plethora of camping sites can be found throughout this Arizona Game Management Unit and tent, RV and cabin sites are located in the many Arizona State Parks and the Coconino National Forest.

Boating and water recreation are also very popular activities in the Arizona outdoors. From Mormon Lake to Lower and Upper Lake Mary, and along the numerous outlets of the Verde River, water activities abound throughout this scenic region and offer limitless recreational fun for all ages.

#6: Safety and Road Conditions

Access throughout AZ Hunting Unit 6A is very good mainly by forest roads and trails. Please use caution when accessing them. Due to weather conditions and other restrictions, road closures can happen at any time without notice. To obtain further information about weather, camping and access, please contact the Coconino National Forest and other land agencies.

Be Prepared On Your Next Arizona Adventure With ADVENTURE iDIAZ Maps!
Be Prepared On Your Next Arizona Adventure With ADVENTURE iDIAZ Maps!

There are numerous reasons why some road restrictions exist within National Forests. Please be mindful and respect the protection given to the land and resources by these closures and restrictions. Keep in mind that public lands are subject to leasing and other changes and it is advised to obtain local and forestry information from a Forest Service office or other public land agency. Be certain to contact the appropriate land management agency for the most current information.

#7: Map Resource: Arizona Hunt Unit 6A Map

Planning an outdoor adventure involves reliable sources and good planning, and getting from your front doorstep to your adventure location means that you'll need a good Arizona Road Map. ADVENTURE iDIAZ offers exceptionally designed Arizona Hunt Unit Maps which can assist you in your plans. These Arizona Road Maps have more road and water markings than any other print maps and have the following features: 1:1,000,000 scale, detailed topographical information, water resistant, beautiful color and design, and are compact and field ready.

Arizona Hunting Unit 6A Map is one of the many Arizona Map offerings and you can learn more about ADVENTURE iDIAZ and other map products here.

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